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66 2nd Street C, Monument, CO 80132
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+1 719-400-9231


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Pazzo Salon


  • Sharon McC.
    Nov, 18 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    For great laughs and incredibly SEXY hair, I have been Pam's client since 2012 when she was still at the Paul Mitchel School. I followed Pam not just for her skills and talent, but her ability to listen to my needs and wants, her magnificent ability to communicate what is the healthiest options for my hair and scalp, and above all Pam's self-assured confidence in every step she takes in coloring my hair. To that end, Pam is a breathe of fresh air.

    I look forward to every visit with Pam. She's the best friend everyone wishes for...she doesn't just come with an intuitive sense of customer service, but she seems to know exactly what each client needs. If you're the type of client that likes to sit and have Pam just get the job done without any funny business, Pam is your Hair Stylus. But for me Pam is so much more, she ensures I laugh the entire time, listens with empathy, draws out my inner child, and encourages me to play along! We have such an incredible time together that I think the hair comes out even better because of the happiness we have between us as long-term client and Hair Stylus.

    So if your looking for a diverse Stylus who intuitively reads people, listens to you, and meets your needs and wants with creativity--challenges--comfort, while guiding you down a path that you have laid out for your time, Pam is that incredible Hair Stylus! She will ensure you walk out of Pazzo Salon & Spa with an incredible since of serenity, peace, laughter, or whatever you were seeking for when you walked in, after two to three hours at the salon...and Pazzo Salon is the only place you will every find that kind of crazy happy joy that will allow you to walk out with stunning SEXY hair for men and women!
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